Sports Massage

Sports massage is the physical treatment of soft tissue combining a traditional manual therapy with a specialised scientific approach.

A deep and invigorating massage using specialised techniques to achieve optimal physical, physiological and psychological benefits.

Maintaining good body health and used for the treatment, recovery and prevention of sporting and non-sporting injuries.

You don’t have to be a sportsperson to feel the benefits of sports massage, it will enhance your physical performance irrespective of whether you participate in sporting activities or not. Sports massage can play a key role in the training for a sporting person and also benefit anyone who is physically active with a desire to enhance their health and wellbeing. It is a key component for the optimal maintenance of musculoskeletal health care and for the prevention and treatment of injury.

Sporting, occupational and recreational activities can place unnatural stresses on our body. Sports massage can quickly resolve problem areas that limit our range of movement and cause us pain. Sports massage is a deep, stimulating and invigorating massage that concentrates on both the superficial and deep layers of muscles, tendons and other soft tissue. It is designed to release muscle tension and restore balance to the musculoskeletal system.

During the massage the therapist will aim to gradually break down knots and adhered tissues releasing tension from muscles, tendons and ligaments to reduce pain and improve range of movement. Techniques such as stretching, myofascial tissue release, trigger point therapy and mobilisations are often incorporated into sports massage therapy as part of a treatment plan to obtain maximum results.

An experienced therapist who has a good understanding of anatomy and physiology can easily identify problems within soft tissues such as muscle and tendon tension, trigger points and scar tissue/adhesions. Sports massage may be a little uncomfortable at times, however this is far outweighed by the many benefits.


Regular sports massage helps to keep the body healthy, can prevent musculoskeletal injuries and problems by detecting muscle fatigue, postural imbalances, inflexibility and strains and sprains.


Sports massage can help the performer prepare for their specific competition or event by focusing on specific muscles and joints for optimal performance. It aids psychological preparation by reducing pre-event anxiety and stress.


Sports massage helps the body to recover more quickly from vigorous sport and exercise by soothing and easing fatigued muscles. Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage is maximised to increase the removal of lactic acid and waste products that build up naturally during extensive exercise. It encourages the release of endorphins.

For the treatment of injuries

Sports massage is very effective in the treatment of sporting and non-sporting injuries. Other treatments and therapies may be used in conjunction with sports massage to bring about optimal results.

Effects of sports massage:

  • Improves blood circulation, delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients
  • Aids the elimination of lactic acid and waste products
  • Decreases muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Release of endorphins and reduction of pain
  • Increased joint mobility/range of movement
  • Reducing tension in muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments
  • Increase in the elasticity of scar tissue
  • Reduces oedema/swelling
  • Improves posture
  • Relieves muscle spasms/cramps
  • Stimulates or calms the nervous system
  • Helps to tone and condition muscles

Please note that clients are expected to undress to a level of decent modesty.

Treatment:   30 mins – £40.00, 60 mins – £60.00

Fit n Well provides Sports Massage in Stone, Staffordshire.

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